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Emotional Intelligence Overview - Mounting evidence reveals the critical link between Emotional Intelligence and success - both individual and organizational. What is Emotional Intelligence, why is it important, and what profound impact does it have on business issues? more...

Emotional Intelligence Competencies - The five basic competencies of Emotional Intelligence inlude both intra-personal and inter-personal skills. Strong inter-personal skills are built upon a solid foundation of intra-personal skills. more...

The Business Case - Ultimately, profitability is driven by leaders through their behaviors and decisions which impact the organization's employees, value, and customers. When people are internally self-managed, they make their greatest contributions. And when people work at peak performance, so does the organization. more...

Who Needs EI? - With EI impacting many business issues, the application for EI skill-building is unlimited. With enhanced Emotional Intelligence skills, people in all functions and roles benefit both personally and professionally - and so does the orgnaization. more...

Articles - Executives and managers need information on new topics and techniques that they can employ personally and in their organizations to improve profitability, reduce costs and create a climate where people are resilient and positive. more...

Program Preview - View an introductory session overviewing the importance of EI, our process and results. view slide show...

Cost of Negative Emotions - Quickly determine the cost of negative emotions to your organization. calculate cost...

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