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EI Leadership - Developing EI through skill-building practice EQ Test - EI testing and assessment EI Management - Enabling people to achieve maximum success and productivity by enhancing their EQ skills.

Our Process

Our Emotional Intelligence training programs focus on creating immediate, significant, and sustainable results through a comprehensive approach. A few of the many benefits individuals, teams and organizations experience include...
  • Increased personal productivity
  • Faster, better decisions
  • Conflicts resolved constructively
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved group/team interaction
  • Improved leadership competencies
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased employee commitment
  • Reduced "silo mentality"
  • Reduced recruiting cost
  • Increased change effectiveness
Over the 15 years we have been teaching Emotional Intelligence skills, we have continually improved our process. It is flexible and can easily be tailored to accommodate your needs. Our process provides direction, confidence, and evidence that you will get the best possible solution and outcome. The components listed in the steps below will vary depending on your needs.


  • Individual, Group/Team or Organization-wide Program
  • Issues & Challenges
  • Requirements & Constraints
  • Culture, Values & Goals
  • Internal Measures
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  • Assessments (pre/post measures, ESCI® 360º and others)
  • Select Personal Goals
  • Train
  • Implement Personal Action Plan
  • Coach
  • Reinforce
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  • Analyze Data
  • Present Report (observations, conclusions, recommendations)
  • Market Results & Organizational Benefits Internally
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